Bench Tester & Repair Technician

We are looking for someone who can be trained to meticulously inspect new machines for sale, and diagnose and troubleshoot espresso machine issues. This position is imperative for customer satisfaction and a critical component of the workflow within Clive’s Tech Department. With growing sets of processes, this position requires a knack for problem solving, organization, & follow-through.

This position is part-time to start and will expand into full-time by September 2019. 

Areas of Responsibility & Accountability:

Bench Testing 80%

  1. Bench test and prepare all espresso machines for shipment to customers.
  2. Follow the machine testing workflow to ensure machines are error free.
  3. Aid in the receiving of new stock

Machine Repair 20%

  1. Complete diagnosis and repair of espresso machines & grinders for warranty and billable service work.
  2. Know expectations, timelines, and milestones
  3. Report to the tech lead on progress of projects

Required Skills:

  1. Can lift 90 pounds on a regular basis
  2. Ability to stand for eight hours a day
  3. Detail Oriented
  4. Working knowledge of screwdrivers, drills, pliers, wrenches, etc
  5. Ability to maintain organization of workstation and tasks

Reports to: Tech Lead

Supervisory responsibility: No

Job Type: Part-Time to Full Time/Permanent Position

Location: Portland, OR

Benefits: Once Full Time: 2 Weeks PTO/sick time, Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance after 30 days, 401(k) after 3 months.

To take the next step, please email with a resume and a little about your interest in working at Clive.