• CliveWater Softening and Filtration System


    This combination water softener and filter system contains everything you need to connect your espresso machine to your water source.

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  • Water Filtration System


    Providing a clean water supply is the first step to ensure excellent espresso and a reliable espresso machine. We encourage you to seek local expertise before deciding on a filtration or softening system, since the composition of water can vary so greatly from one location to another. You may require a different level of softening, filtration, or purification than our kits provide. Regardless of water quality, some type of filter is always required to keep solids out of the machine. This system is for areas with soft water, or for those with a separate softening system already in place. It includes everything needed to connect the cold water source under your sink to the braided line included with your espresso machine.

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  • Pressure Regulator


    This pressure regulator valve with gauge comes complete with 1/4″ or 3/8″ John Guest fittings pre-installed for easy installation.

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