Clive Bottomless Portafilter


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Our own custom bottomless portafilter, made in Portland. Wood handle with a stainless steel basket.


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The Clive team worked together with the same craftsman that lathe turns our tampers to create a portafilter that is both exceptionally beautiful and practical. Bottomless portafilters allow the barista to visually assess how evenly the coffee extracts through the basket. Imperfections in dosing and tamping technique are exposed when the coffee spurts out in different directions instead of straight down into the cup. This is known as channelling. It can be a little messy to start with but is an invaluable learning tool for any espresso aficionado. 53mm version fits La Spaziale machines only. 58mm version fits our e61 group LUCCA, Profitec, ECM, Quick Mill and Rocket machines, but does not fit La Marzocco.