Sterling Coffee RoastersClive Lovejoy Espresso Blend Subscription

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The standard of our offices, the Clive Lovejoy blend from Sterling Roasters is a medium roast, with notes of dark chocolate and citrus.

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We’re excited to present our Lovejoy Espresso Blend. We set out to create a blend with complexity, rich crema and sweetness to spare. Lovejoy Espresso has dark chocolate notes, balanced with innate sweetness and a bit of orange citrus. With its impressive body and superb balance, the Lovejoy Espresso is delicious as a straight shot and shines powerfully through milk in a latte or cappuccino. Although Lovejoy was designed with espresso in mind, we also love it in a French Press or Technivorm.


  • Net weight: 12 ounces
  • Whole bean only.
  • For best results, grind immediately before brewing and use within 7-10 days of opening