ECM/ProfitecECM Synchronika + Profitec T64 Home Barista Package


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The ECM Synchronika + Profitec T64 home barista package includes everything you need for an exceptional espresso routine. During February, this package includes a Motta knockbox and Cafelat Tamping Mat.

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Spouted Portafilter
Shot Glass
Craft of Espresso Book
Microfiber Towel
Plumb Kit
Extended Warranty


ECM Synchronika Espresso Machine
From the sister company of Profitec, ECM introduces their highly anticipated flagship dual boiler espresso machine: the Synchronika. When we first saw this machine, we were very excited about this combination of German design and Italian heritage. Why the love at first sight? ECM has applied subtle beautification and refinement of the little things that set apart the offerings in this equipment class. This machine offers exceptional espresso performance and steam power in a package that would look and feel perfect in the design-conscious home, office or restaurant, and its clean internal layout will warm the heart of every engineer. Front and center is ECM’s patented update of the most iconic group head design on the market, which now utilizes stainless steel internals and a simpler single top cap. The reason for implementing more stainless steel parts is their durability, cleanliness and ability to resist calcium buildup for simpler maintenance routine.

ECM also added a pair of new stainless steel joysticks with insulated “no-burn” wands, which make steam and hot water dispensing instant on and off. These spring loaded joysticks swivel on a ball joint for easy locking at any point on the rotation, and the steam power can be fine-tuned for different steaming preferences by adjusting the steam boiler using the PID controller.

Next, take in the stunning custom brew and steam pressures gauges. The big block letters and red needle evoke the feel of interacting with a hand-made timepiece or a classic European sports car. The updated PID with chrome finish adds new functionality without sacrificing aesthetics. The Synchronika displays the temperatures of the steam and brew boilers, and has a built in-shot timer to improve shot consistency. The PID’s brushed metal finish combined with the new ability to easily turn the display off means the technology doesn’t have to distract from the timeless looks.

Profitec T64 Espresso Grinder
Profitec’s first espresso grinder is a compact commercial powerhouse. This grinder offers exceptional performance and value in the compact class, as it combines cafe caliber 64mm flat burrs and 450 watt motor to create a fluffier, tastier grind in a sub 17″ stainless steel package. To get an idea of what bigger burrs and motor translate to in speed, a 16 gram double shot can be dispensed in under six seconds (less time for heat damage from friction and motor). For those who are interested in single dosing, the grinder is only 11.5″ tall with the hopper removed. The hopper is darkened to reduce sun damage and preserve bean flavor.

The T64 also combines best-in-class technology and ergonomics, which make for easier and more repeatable espresso. Being designed and built in Germany means every detail is precisely engineered and beautifully made. Every quality touch point of this grinder inspires confidence.

Precision: After you’ve noticed the boost in grind speed and performance, you’re going to love its large stainless steel worm-drive grind adjustment. This design is by far the easiest and most precise way to adjust. And because this grinder is easier to make small adjustments on, you’ll find it more intuitive to experiment with fine tuning your espresso shots.

Control: The height adjustable portafilter cradle can accommodate a variety of portafilters, and can also be removed for full control of the stream of fluffy grounds. Working together with the removable anti-clumping screen, the stainless steel doserless chute reduces static for cleaner, more uniform dispensing into the portafilter.

Repeatability: Single and double shot doses are easily programmable on a display like you’ll see on many PID controlled espresso machines. One bonus here is that adjusting the grind time uses the same button commands as adjusting brew temperatures on Profitec, Quick Mill and Izzo dual boiler machines! Controlling the grinder using the chunky, heavy duty stainless steel single or double shot buttons is a breeze in on-demand manual or programmed modes. Press either button to start the programmed grind timer, or hold the button to dispense manually (perfect for single dosing).

What's Included

  • ECM single spouted portafilter
  • ECM double spouted portafilter
  • ECM stainless steel tamper
  • Single basket
  • Double basket
  • Braided plumb-in line
  • Drip tray cup riser
  • Drip tray drain attachment
  • Grouphead brush
  • Backflush blank
  • Water test strip
  • Two-year parts and labor provided by Clive Coffee
  • (T64) One-year parts and labor provided by Clive Coffee


  • ECM Synchronika Espresso Machine Details:
  • PID-display: individual adjustment of the temperature in both boilers, an optional display to remind you of the group cleaning, integrated shot timer
  • No-burn, stainless steel steam and hot water arms
  • Pump pressure gauge
  • Steam pressure gauge
  • Joystick steam and hot water valves
  • BPA free water reservoir
  • Profitec T64 Espresso Grinder Details:
  • 64mm steel flat burrs
  • 450 watt
  • 1400 rpm
  • Stepless grind adjustment
  • Height adjustable portafilter cradle


Product Dimensions

  • Espresso Machine:
  • Height: 16.53"
  • Width: 13.2"
  • Depth: 18.7"
  • Stainless Steel Brew Boiler: 1400 W - 0.75 l volume.
  • Stainless Steel Steam Boiler:1200 W - 2.0 l volume
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Amperage: 15 or 20amp
  • Espresso Grinder:
  • Height: 16.9"
  • Width: 6.7"
  • Depth: 9.8"
  • Weight: 16.5 lbs.
  • Dosing Hopper: 500 g
  • Voltage: 110V