eurekaOlympus 75E High Speed Espresso Grinder


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The Olympus is our heavyweight champion flat burr grinder. With 75mm hardened steel burrs, fantastic heat management, and a sleek metal casing this beast is ready for the morning rush or your perfectly dialed morning shot.

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Note: grinder picture shows optional short hopper, and tall hopper is included. Whether you’re looking for an espresso grinder to start your own cafe or seeking true cafe quality at home the Eureka Olympus 75E is your new best friend. With it’s 75mm hardened steel burrs and 800 watt motor power and performance are a given. Not only will it grind a 20g dose in around 3.5 seconds, it’ll do it many times in a row without introducing much of any heat to your grounds, making for consistently delicious shots of espresso. Plus those large burrs result in a wonderfully fluffy cascade of grounds that make even distribution a breeze. Consider all that in a grinder with clean, modern lines that looks great alongside any espresso machine and you’re starting to understand why we’re such big fans.

Eureka being Eureka, incredible performance just isn’t enough. To meet their standards it must also be equally intuitive, easy to adjust, and easy to clean. The Olympus more than meets these standards. Adjusting the grind settings is characteristically easy using the dial located up top on the front of the machine, vastly easier than the rear located or collar based adjustment systems on other grinders. Using only as many buttons as necessary, the Olympus makes changing its timed dosing buttons dead simple. When it comes to cleaning other grinders that offer similar performance just can’t compete. Removing the burrs only takes removing a few screws, and doing so doesn’t alter your grind setting.

All in all the Olympus 75E stands to be a top dog in the commercial and prosumer market for years to come. Since setting one out in our lab space it has quickly become everyone’s go-to grinder for its speed and its implicit guarantee of perfectly smooth shots. We’re certain you’ll love it too.

What's Included

  • 1 year Warranty


  • 75mm Hardened steel burrs
  • 800 Watts
  • 1400 rpm
  • Stepless micrometric adjustments
  • Aluminum casing
  • 3lb capacity tall hopper (400 gr short hopper is available separately)
  • Digital display of grind time