Hario V60 02 Copper Coffee Dripper


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The V60 Copper Coffee Dripper is perfect for pour over stations, or just brewing a good cup at home.

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Highly durable V60 dripper from Hario allows you to brew an enjoyable cup. The metal material holds heat extremely well; cone shape allows perfect extraction. It is made out of metal so it is likely that you will not need to buy another Hario dripper again any time soon. This is an updated classic version V60 coffee dripper only available in 02 size.

Cone Shape

The V60 shape maximizes the time of the extraction and allows you to brew perfect coffee. As the hot water flows through the centre of the cone, it maintains the perfect temperature. The end-result is great tasting coffee.

Single Hole

The hole at the bottom is where the tip of the paper filters fit in. The flavor is determined partly by how slow or fast the hot water flows through the V60 dripper. Allowing you to control the taste of the coffee.

Spiral Ribs

The spiral ribs maximize the expansion of your coffee by allowing air to flow between the dripper and the filter.