Hario V60 02 White Ceramic Coffee Dripper


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The V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper is perfect for pour-over stations, or just brewing a good cup at home. This porcelain coffee dripper features ridges on the interior to allow coffee grounds to expand.

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The Hario V60 dripper allows you to brew a fantastic pour over with a cone shape that allows perfect extraction.

The shape of the V60 maximizes the time of the extraction and allows you to brew perfect coffee. As the hot water flows through the centre of the cone, it maintains the perfect temperature. The spiral ribs meanwhile create an air gap between the filter and the wall of the cone, making room for the coffee to expand and extract more evenly. The end-result is great tasting coffee.

The flavor is determined partly by how slow or fast the hot water flows through the V60 dripper. Allowing you to control the taste of the coffee.