CliveHome Barista Essential Accessories Package


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Everything you need to complete your home espresso set-up. Includes: knockbox, tamping mat, pitcher, scale and optional tamper!



Rattleware Round-handled Tamper
Outside of the machine and the grinder, your tamp will have the largest affect on the quality of your espressos. While most machines will come with a plastic tamper, it’s important to have one that feels great in your hand and accurately fits your portafilter basket.

If you have a LUCCA A53/A53 Mini or other La Spaziale machine, make sure to get the 53mm Tamper.

If you have a LUCCA M58, or any other 58mm portafilter, make sure to get the 58mm Tamper.

Rattleware 12oz Frothing Pitcher
If you plan on making amazing lattes to impress your friends and relatives, you’ll need a quality steaming pitcher. The Rattleware 12oz Pitcher is used by professional baristas around the world. With this pitcher and a bit of practice (and maybe a session of our Milk Steaming Class), you’ll be able to pour internet-ready latte art in short order.

This pitcher is ideal for lattes and cappuccinos 10oz or smaller. For larger drinks, we’d recommend the 20oz pitcher from Rattleware.

Cafelat Knockbox and Tamping Mat
Protect your counter tops and portafilters with these quality rubber and silicon Cafelat products.

ProScale XC 2000
The easiest way to get consistent, high quality espresso? Weighing your coffee! The ProScale makes it easy to weigh the amount of ground coffee and the amount of liquid espresso. Be careful when using this scale on your drip tray–like most scales, the XC 2000 will break if liquids get inside the scale.

What's Included

  • Cafelat Knock Box
  • Cafelat Corner Tamping Mat
  • Rattleware 12oz Steaming Pitcher
  • ProScale XC 2000 Precision Scale
  • Optional Tamper - Rattleware Round-Handled Tamper (53mm/58mm)