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Madcap is the only roaster to offer Luis Reinoso’s coffee. With notes of citrus, stone fruit and chocolate – this coffee is wonderful for all preparation methods – although it will get lost in big milk drinks.

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From Madcap:

Since 2010, Luis Reinoso’s coffee has been a star in our lineup. That year we began to purchase coffee from Luis and his brother Didier. Luis’ Colombian farm, Finca Vista Hermosa, or, “farm with a beautiful view”, rests at roughly 1800 meters above sea level, looking out on a mix of cultivated coffee and natural forest.

This high elevation provides the coffee trees with cool temperatures and a lower oxygen environment associated to coffees with fine, bright acidity. Indeed, we find lush fruit flavors of plums, cherries and citrus defining Luis’ coffee as a filter or espresso brew. In cultivation are Caturra and Bourbon varieties, at a roughly 80-20 ratio, both of which are associated with lower-yield but high-quality cup characteristics. Having only two varieties is a risky choice ― less biodiversity can increase the risks of disease ruining a large portion of his crop ― but in addition to quality, just two varieties give Luis’ coffee very well-defined flavor characteristics.

As many farms in Colombia do, Luis produces two harvest a year ― unstable weather patterns close to the equator produce uneven flowering and fruiting of the coffee trees; Luis could be picking coffee twice a month year-round. His coffee is hand-picked, washed at Finca Vista Hermosa, and dried slowly on covered, raised beds. A thorough washing and even, slow drying encourages cleanliness and consistency in cup character.

Luis lives on his farm in the Herrera, Tolima Region (a 5 hours off road drive from the little town of Rio Blanco) with his wife and 2 children. He’s a first generation farmer excited about growing great quality and partnering with a roaster to build a sustainable business. Full of lush fruit flavor, a clean and silky mouthfeel, and bright pleasing acidity, this is a world-class coffee.  We at Madcap are delighted to be the only suppliers of Luis Reinoso coffee in the world!

Espresso Preparation Recommendations from Clive:
IN: 20 grams // OUT: 24-27 grams // @: 24-27 seconds


  • Roast: Medium
  • Producer: Luis Reinoso of Finca Vista Hermosa
  • Region: Herrera, Tolima Colombia
  • Altitude: 1700-1800 meters
  • Varietal: Caturra and Bourbon