Madcap Coffee Company Six One Six Espresso Blend


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Madcap’s go-to espresso blend for milk drinks. Deep, syrupy, earthy, chocolate. If you want an everyday espresso for lattes and cappuccinos, look no further.

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From Madcap:

In honor of their hometown area code in Grand Rapids, Madcap dubbed this blend Six One Six. Six One Six is enjoyable, trustworthy, and balanced: designed to be a delicious coffee that everyone can savor and trust everyday, much like Grand Rapids itself. Embracing their commitment to seasonal changes in coffee harvests, the coffees in Six One Six change throughout the year, lending subtle flavor differences that keep this blend interesting.

Espresso Preparation Recommendations from Clive
IN: 20 grams // OUT: 29-30 grams // @: 28-30 seconds


  • Roast: Medium - Dark
  • Producer: Various
  • Region: 1/2 Ancuya, Colombia; 1/2 San Sebastian
  • Altitude: 1500-1900 meters
  • Varietal: Catillo, Typica, Colombia, Caturra, Bourbon
  • Process: Washed