Onyx Coffee Lab The Monarch Espresso Blend


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The Monarch is Onyx’s big milk drink espresso. A darker, more developed roast compared to the Geometry, Monarch is best for drinks of 12oz or more. Dark chocolate, molasses, and berries punch through high fats.

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From Onyx:

The Monarch is one of two blends we recreate year round specifically designed for espresso. This is the darker roasted, more chocolatey counterpart to Ozark Copper. We wanted an espresso that intentionally worked with higher amounts of milk and would represent a more traditional style of espresso. The Monarch is bold and defiant and tends to stand out in beverages of milk that have a volume of 12oz or more. When tasted as pure espresso or in large amounts of milk this coffee shows sugar caramelization in coffee roasting to the fullest. Roasting and human-made flavors in coffee is what The Monarch represents. It’s a beautiful image of what traditional espresso truly is even when we are sourcing at a modern level. It’s higher in sweetness and developed in the roast to take fruit flavors to caramels, brown sugars, and chocolates. For this blend, we use a combination of seasonal East African and Colombian coffee lots that showcase sugar and complexity. When tasting find bittersweet dark chocolate, a mulled wine acidic sweetness, molasses, and a hint of dried berries on the finish. The coffee is extremely heavy and dense with a velvety-like mouthfeel..


  • Roast: Darker
  • Producer: Various
  • Region: Guatemala, Ethiopia
  • Altitude: 2000-2100 meters
  • Process: Washed