Sterling Coffee Roasters Rwanda Gatare Lot 2


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Wanting to try something new with your pour over or drip? This Rwanda is beautifully balanced with flavors that remind us of maple and mandarin oranges. This is a beautiful coffee for the Ratio, pour over, or straight espresso, but can get lost in milk.



From Sterling:
This Gatare comes to us from the Nyamasheke region of southwest Rwanda and the renowned Kanzu washing station. Here, at altitudes of 1700m-2000m, the French Mission Bourbon varietal really sings. We absolutely love this coffee: redolent with juicy mandarin and super sweet maple syrup on the finish. Sure, as with all Rwandan coffees, there is the risk of “potato defect” (every now and again a cup will have a distinct wet potato aroma). But, without risk, there is no reward and this coffee is more than worth it. Besides, that’s how we here at Sterling live life: we grip it and we rip it!

Espresso Preparation Recommendations from Sterling:
IN: 20 grams // OUT: 35 grams // @: 26-30 seconds


  • Roast: Light
  • Producer: Various producers / Kanzu Washing Station
  • Region: Nyamasheke, Rwanada
  • Altitude: 1700-2000 Meters
  • Varietal: Bourbon
  • Process: Wet Process
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