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Looking for a vibrant, complex coffee? The Granitos de Ortiz has a graham cracker sweetness and crisp berry and citrus acidity. Great for filter coffee, espresso, or in small milk drinks!

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From Verve
This washed process Costa Rica is marvelously balanced with a crisp and cleansing acidity.

On Sourcing the Costa Rica Granitos De Ortiz
When crediting a “producer” for any given coffee, we’re typically referring to a single person, often a land-owner; who cultivates coffee trees, pays pickers to harvest them, oversees processing (or delivers and sells coffee to a wet-mill) and is more or less directly accountable for the quality of his produce. In the case of the Calderon family; it’d be impossible to credit just one of them.

From Don Omar Calderon, who diligently manages the family’s seven farms, to the three formidable Calderon sisters – Yoanna, Diana and Yoxise – who oversee process- ing at their micro-mill, to Doña Yorleni who treated us to coffee – brewed with a traditional cloth dripper – in their family’s kitchen; the Granitos de Altura del Ortiz micro-mill is fueled by the palpable spirit, enthusiasm and, well… “Verve” that the familia Calderon have for producing specialty coffee.

This catuai selection comes from their 1800 meter farm known simply as Ortiz 1800. Once the ripe cherries are delivered to their micro-mill, the pulp and skin are removed using a finely-calibrated depulper and demucilager. The coffee is then dried on patios for 10-12 days.


  • Roast: Light
  • Producer: The Family Calderon
  • Region: Santa Maria, Dota, Tarrazu
  • Altitude: 1600-1700 Meters
  • Varietal: Catuai
  • Process: Wet Process