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Looking for a vibrant, full-bodied coffee? The honey-processed Finca Salaca has a heavy sweetness and light, sparkling acidity. Great for filter coffee, espresso, or in small milk drinks!



From Verve
This honey-processed lot pairs the weighted sweetness of fig with the playful acidity of lemon curd.

On Sourcing the Costa Rica Santa Rosa
Upon arrival at Microbeneficio Monte Brisas, Maria Elena Castro emerged from her house beaming whilst clutching a previous year’s bag of Verve’s “Finca Salaca.” To our delight, the bag was empty of the roasted coffee we’d previously presented her. While many of the world’s coffee farmers have not the luxury of consuming the beverage they produce, the opposite couldn’t be more true of Maria Elena who promptly escorted us into her multi-purpose micro-mill, complete with sample roaster and cupping table.

It’s been four years since Maria Elena’s son, Luis Salazar, assisted in the development of the family’s own micro-mill; Monte Brisas. Here the family could take control of the processing and marketing of their own coffees after years of establishing themselves alongside the nearby Helsar de Zarcero mill.

Castro’s finca Salaca, and their microbeneficio Monte Brisas, sit at 1700 MASL in Costa Rica’s West Valley. Here, the trained eye can spot the distant Pacific Ocean; the unobstructed vantage of which is what’s to thank for the oft-strong breezes that have a cooling influence on the West Valley’s climate.

Ripe coffee cherries harvested at Finca Salaca are pulped and processed using Monte Brisas’ state-of-the art Penagos eco-pulper and demucilager – technology that enables the effective removal of the coffee’s mucilage without a heavy dependency on water. Seeds are then transported to dry on raised beds overlooking Costa Rica’s West Valley and the Pacific Ocean — Could be worse.


  • Roast: Light
  • Producer: Maria Elena Castro
  • Region: Zarcero, Costa Rica
  • Altitude: 1700 Meters
  • Varietal: Villalobos
  • Process: Honey Process
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