Clive Coffee
Grinder Dial-In Service

The learning curve for great espresso is largely in dialing the grinder, but Clive's techs are ready to streamline your setup. We unbox your grinder, dial it in for our Verve Bronson French Roast coffee, vacuum it out and ship it. This minimizes wasted coffee and time and is the fastest way to achieve the Clive Espresso Recipe of 18-20 grams in, 30 grams out in 25-30 seconds.

This dial-in service is included at no charge to you if you purchase an espresso machine and a grinder! Plus, the grinder will be dialed-in using an espresso machine that has the same group head as the one you purchased (that way your shots are beyond perfect and your espresso machine arrives perfectly clean).

If you're purchasing a grinder without an espresso machine, select the size of your machine's group head in the dropdown below. 

If you’re not sure what size your machine’s group head is, please include the make and model in the notes section at checkout.

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