Coffee School: Water 101 with Third Wave Water


We are sure you've heard it many times before— your coffee is only as good as your water. As we believe your coffee depends on water quality, and your equipment's longevity rests in its hands, we wanted to make you an expert in all things water. So, we've partnered up with the co-founder of Third Wave Water, Charles Nick, to teach you how to test and treat your water so you can have better coffee and happy equipment in under thirty minutes! 

    Coffee School: Water 101 with Third Wave Water
    Coffee School: Water 101 with Third Wave Water
    Coffee School: Water 101 with Third Wave Water
    Coffee School: Water 101 with Third Wave Water
    Coffee School: Water 101 with Third Wave Water


    Clive Coffee and Coffee School present: Water 101 with Third Wave Water, a self-paced online course designed specifically for you, the home barista. 

    What you'll learn:

    • What is in water
    • What coffee needs in water
    • What coffee makers and espresso machines need in water
    • How to measure four factors in water
    • Water options for various brewing methods

    What you’ll need:

    This course is intended for brewing coffee with manual brew methods and espresso machines. We do not discuss all brands for all categories of filters or meters mentioned. The tools above are optional and only needed if you wish to test your water and try filtering and softening options. You can complete the course without any of the materials listed above. 

    What to expect: 

    Upon signing up for Coffee School, you'll be sent an invitation to create an account on our learning platform, Teachable. Once you're in, you can begin working through the course at your own pace. The course includes twenty-minutes of in-depth video instruction and never expires. If you are unsatisfied with the course for any reason, contact us, and we'll make it right! 

    Want to learn more? Explore the course.

    Meet your instructor

    Course instructor: Charles

    It took an entire year operating an aviation consulting business out of local cafes until I discovered great coffee. I always liked coffee but never loved it until an introduction to a high-quality African light roast coffee. I had no idea coffee could taste so good! When my perception shifted, so did my business mission from space and aviation to now helping others discover great coffee. The adventure started by creating a coffee subscription service called The Wright Cup. That experiment led to the co-founding of Third Wave Water due to a much larger need to discover the profound effects that water can have when brewing coffee. We launched Third Wave Water in 2016, quickly finding our way onto ABC’s TV show Shark Tank, sharing our solution to fix the water-for-coffee problem while spreading the good news of specialty coffee to the Sharks and their audience. Join us as we discuss why water is so essential to brewing a great cup of coffee and what you can do about it.

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