ECM Mechanika V Slim Espresso Machine


Brought to you by ECM, the Mechanika V Slim Espresso Machine is a compact yet powerful heat exchanger with rotary valves that evoke feelings of traditional Italian espresso machines and their hand-built quality.

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    What is it?

    The ECM Mechanika V Slim is a heat exchanger espresso machine with a large 2.2-liter steam boiler, an E61 group head, a quiet vibratory pump, and an internal water reservoir.

    Who is it for?

    Those that demand a lot from their espresso machine. You want your daily ritual to be a tactile, mechanical experience that evokes the romantic history of espresso. It also needs to be built well enough to last for years, or decades, to come. Just as important is sharing this experience with friends and family, so you want a machine that can produce latte after americano for your next dinner party.

    Why do we carry it?

    As the home espresso market continues to advance, manufacturers are building smaller and smaller machines that, paradoxically, pack a bigger and bigger punch. The ECM Mechanika V Slim is one such machine. Heat exchange systems are great for delivering continuous temperature stability and plenty of steam. With its large 2.2L boiler and powerful heating element, the Mechanika produces more steam power than espresso machines that are twice the price and significantly larger. Whether you love steamed milk drinks or the mechanical simplicity of a heat exchanger design, the Mechanika will deliver delicious espresso and classic looks. For reference, it has almost the same dimensions as the ECM Classika PID, a single boiler machine, making it as endearing as it is impressive.

    What's Included

    • Stainless steel 58mm tamper
    • Single spouted portafilter
    • Double spouted portafilter
    • Single basket
    • Double basket
    • Blind basket
    • Two hole steam tip
    • Cleaning brush
    • Home Barista Starter Kit (courtesy of Clive)
    • 3-year parts and labor warranty provided by Clive Coffee


    • Heat exchanger
    • E61 brew-group
    • Vibration pump
    • Boiler and pump pressure gauges
    • No-burn, insulated steam wand
    • Rotary valve knobs
    • Removable drip tray
    • Removable cup warming tray
    • Boiler: Stainless steel, 2.2L
    • Reservoir: 2.8L

    Technical Details

    Height: 15.5 in (13.75 in with cup rail removed)
    Width: 9.8 in
    Depth: 17.5 in
    Weight: 44.5 lbs
    Material: Stainless steel
    Drip Tray: Stainless steel
    Drip Tray Cover: Stainless steel
    Drainable Drip Tray: No
    Water Reservoir
    Reservoir or Plumbed: Reservoir
    Capacity: 3 L / 101 oz
    Material: BPA free plastic
    Removable: Yes
    Low Water Shutoff: Yes
    Steam Wand
    Material: Stainless steel
    No Burn (Insulated): Yes
    Wand Movement: Articulating, full rotation
    Optional Steam Tips: Yes
    Temperature: Pressurestat
    Brew Temperature Adjustment: N/A
    Steam Boiler Adjustment: N/A
    Display Type: N/A
    Display Can Be Disabled: N/A
    Integrated Shot Timer: No
    Built-In On/Off Timer: No
    Display Cleaning Reminder: No
    Pre-Infusion: No
    Flow Profiling: No
    Volumetric Dosing: No
    Pressure Gauges: 2, pump pressure and steam boiler pressure
    Cup warming tray
    Material: Stainless steel
    Portafilters & Tampers
    Materials: Chrome plated brass, bakelite handle, counter-balanced chrome tip
    Type: Commercial 58 mm
    Portafilters Included: 2 (single and double spouted)
    Baskets Included: Single, double, and backflush disk for cleaning
    Tamper Included: Yes
    Group head
    Type: E61, lever activated
    Maintenance: Urnex Full Circle or Cafiza backflush detergent
    Material: Stainless steel
    Brew Boiler Size: N/A
    Steam Boiler Size: 2.2 L / 74.4 oz
    Brew Boiler Power: N/A
    Steam Boiler Power: 1400 W
    Boilers Automatically Fill: Yes
    Insulated: Yes
    Heating Element Access: Side
    Pump Type: Vibratory
    Recommended Brew Pressure: 9 bar
    Adjustable Brew Pressure: Yes
    Clive Warranty: 3 year
    Other Details
    Recommended Application: Home or office
    Commercial Certifications: No
    Plug Type: Standard 15 amp

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