Espresso Accessories Package

By: Clive Coffee

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Just getting started with home espresso? This is your one-stop-shop that includes all the basics of getting started. Included in our Espresso Accessories Package are a knock box, tamping mat, milk frothing pitcher, scale and an optional tamper!

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$165 ·

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    Rhino Stainless Steel Tamper

    This Rhino Coffee Gear tamper features a black anodized aluminum grip and a polished stainless steel base. Built to stand up to commercial use, you can count on this tamper to last. We love its tall base, which makes it easy to feel for a level tamp.

    Cafelat Frothing Pitcher

    This is our flagship latte art pitcher for the cafe and enthusiast. Founder Paul Pratt designed the Cafelat Frothing Pitcher over many years to incorporate and perfect all the features that help achieve great milk texture and latte art pours. It comes in the 0.3L size - perfect for home users! 

    Cafelat Knock Box and Corner Tamping Mat

    Keep your countertops safe from gouges and your portafilter steady while you tamp with these rubber mats. Discard your puck in this durable knock box - it may be small, but it can comfortably hold 10 coffee pucks.

    Brewista Smart Scale II

    Scales are a vital tool when it comes to making great coffee, and it's almost a requirement when it comes to pulling your morning shot of espresso. The Brewista Smart Scale II has a set of features that make it ideal for espresso in particular. Its compact size means it can fit under the group head of any machine, and its waterproof coating means you'll feel confident doing so. It also has a built-in timer and multiple convenient auto-tare modes. On top of all that, it's rechargeable. Here at Clive, we use this scale on a daily basis.

    10 Reviews