Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug

Carter Everywhere Mug

$30 - $35
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Carter is a travel mug worthy of the coffee inside. Designed to amplify the senses and engineered to fit the most popular manual brewing devices, you can now enjoy coffee at its fullest, everywhere.

Its stainless steel construction features a doubled walled vacuum to keep your coffee hot for up to 12 hours. To enhance your coffee drinking experience it also has a wide mouth for aromatics, a thin lip for easy drinking, and a "true taste" ceramic coating to ensure you only get the flavors you want out of your coffee.

Limited edition colors of Warm Pink, Dusk Blue and Golden Hour will be available late September!

1 12 oz / Matte White in stock.



    • Double walled 18/8 stainless steel
    • Vacuum insulated
    • Wide mouth
    • True taste ceramic coating
    • Leak-proof seal
    • 86mm diameter body, 69mm mouth
    • Compatible with all standard drippers and Aeropress

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