Fellow Stagg Tasting Glasses

Stagg Tasting Glasses

There are a lot of double walled glasses out there but none are as well thought out as Fellow's. The glasses double walls taper to a single-walled flared lip. This means that you don't have that awkward extra thick edge to drink from, and it also means this glass is excellent at funneling the wonderful aromas of your coffee or tea to the front of your tongue. The double wall also ensures maximum heat retention and no exterior condensation. Hand blown and borosilicate, the Fellow Stagg Tasting Glasses beautiful glasses won't let you down. 

Fellow’s modern looking glasses pair perfectly with the Stagg [X] and Stagg [XF] drippers. 

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    • Box of two tasting glasses
    • Double wall glass for high heat retention and no exterior condensation
    • Tapers to single wall for easy sipping 
    • Flared lip, delivering the coffee to the front of the tongue
    • Hand blown borosilicate glass
    • Glasses come as a pair


    • Capacity: 10 oz

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