Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher

Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher


Top of the line when it comes to cold brewing coffee. Hario's Cold Brew Coffee Pots are designed with classic engineering details to ensure that maximum flavor is extracted from your coffee. Unlike other presses, the Hario takes cold or room temperature water and yields cold brewed coffee in 12-24 hours. Simply add the coffee grounds and water into the pitcher and let it steep overnight! Cold brew iced coffee has never been easier or cleaner.

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    • Heatproof glassware
    • Stainless steel filter mesh
    • Hand-crafted glass handle
    • Easy pour spout
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Glass pot/spout/lid: Made in Japan
    • Strainer/seal: Made in China


    • Height: 11.4"
    • Width: 4"
    • Depth: 3.7"
    • Weight: 1.7 pounds
    • Capacity: 1000mL

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