Hario V60 Copper Coffee Dripper

V60 Copper Coffee Dripper


The V60 coffee dripper is by far the most famous invention to come from Hario, and for good reason. The name comes from the unique 60-degree angle of the cone -- Vector 60. This V-shaped cone has a unique spiral design which expands the amount of time the water is in contact with the coffee. This allows for maximum extraction during the pour-over. The spiral ribs also create an air gap between the filter and the wall of the cone, making room for the coffee to expand and extract more evenly. The end result is great tasting coffee.

This elegant copper version of the classic Hario V60 is perfect for pour over stations. The copper holds heat extremely well, and you can even control the taste by how slowly or quickly you pour. The slower you pour, the darker the brew. The 02 size featured here is built to brew 1-4 cups. 

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    • Copper body
    • Direct brewing into a server
    • Unique spiral design allows for maximum extraction
    • High heat retention
    • High durability
    • Compatible with V60 filter, size 02
    • Not dishwasher safe - use a soft sponge and mild detergent for cleaning
    • Made in Japan


    • Height: 3.2"
    • Width: 5.3"
    • Depth: 3.9"
    • Top opening diameter: 4.7"
    • Weight: .3 pounds
    • Capacity: 1-4 cups

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