Hario V60 Kettle Thermometer

V60 Kettle Thermometer


Brewing delicious, rich coffee is all about balancing the variables. One of the most important variables, and also one of the easiest to control, is the water temperature. With Hario's V60 Digital Thermometer, you can get accurate and instant results for your pour over coffee. 

With a specially designed 45 degree angle, the probe follows the contour of the kettle, placing the probe right at the spout. This allows for accurate readings even while pouring. The large LCD display shows temperature in Fahrenheit, to the 1/10th of a degree. 

The special Buono lid is compatible with all of the V60 stainless steel kettles, including the electric kettle. However, it is not compatible with the copper kettle.  

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    • Compatible with all Buono stainless steel kettles
    • Not compatible with the Buono copper kettle
    • Temperature measured at the root of the nozzle
    • Stainless steel lid and thermometry
    • Silicone knob and gasket
    • Main body ABS resin
    • 4-digit digital LCD display (real-time)
    • Temperature range is 32F-230F (0 celsius - 110 celsius)
    • Detachable thermometer and lid
    • Automatic shut off after 45 minutes
    • Hand wash the thermometer (do not submerge). Dripproof, but not waterproof. 
    • Lid is dishwasher safe
    • Made in China


    • Height: 5.5"
    • Width (Thermometer): 1.8"
    • Width (Thermometer + Lid): 3.3"
    • Depth: 4.2"
    • Weight: 0.4 lbs

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