Home Barista Online: Intro to Espresso


This one hour class will cover everything you need to know to confidently make great espresso at home: Espresso basics, theory, recipe building, and palate development. Price includes 10 minute 1:1 follow-up with the instructor to refine technique for your specific equipment.

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    Home Barista Online: Intro to Espresso
    Home Barista Online: Intro to Espresso
    Home Barista Online: Intro to Espresso


    This one hour class will cover everything you need to know to make great espresso at home. No experience or prior knowledge is required. Covering coffee basics, technique, grinding, recipe building, and palate development, you'll get a taste of everything that goes into making your favorite coffee beverage. Following the class, you'll get one-on-one time with our coffee experts to make sure you not only understand how to pull shots but you feel confident in how to do it utilizing your specific equipment at home.

    What you’ll learn:

    • Espresso Theory. How does it all work? A deeper dive into what constitutes an espresso and how espresso machines work. We will understand extraction and how it is the key to perfecting your technique at home.
    • Building an espresso recipe. We’ll measure the three components that make up a recipe. Our dose (ground coffee), yield (liquid espresso), and time (seconds to complete the shot). We’ll look at different shot types: single, doubles, triples, and ristrettos, normales, and lungos. You’ll learn how to build a recipe from the ground up with any coffee.
    • Technique and tasting. The instructor will demonstrate how to pull a perfect shot of espresso by making adjustments on a grinder, distributing the coffee correctly, and proper tamping techniques. We will taste the espresso to understand the telltale signs of good and bad form.
    • Cleaning & Maintenance. Backflushing, general machine maintenance, and upkeep will be discussed. Along with water quality, descaling, and replacing group head preventative maintenance parts.

    Required Materials

    • Espresso machine with steam wand
    • Grinder
    • Tamper
    • Scale or volumetric shot glasses
    • Milk Pitcher
    • 80g coffee minimum preferably one 12-16oz bag
    • 2-4 microfiber towels
    • Knock box (optional)
    • Tamping mat (optional)
    • Grouphead brush (optional)
    • Espresso machine cleaner (optional)

    Meet your instructor

    Sam has been a part of the Clive family since Sept of 2018. She came to us from Florida where her love of coffee was discovered by working as a barista. In 2015, Sam landed in Portland to work with Portland Coffee Roasters as their primary wholesale account manager and coffee trainer. During this time, she also did work for Pacific Foods Barista Series alternative milk in their lab and at SCAA. Sam has taught classes at the American Barista & Coffee Workshops in Portland, as well as leading home barista classes at Clive. Now spearheading the entire education department at Clive, her focus is on our learn espresso journal articles, live classes in Portland, and now online-only classes. Sam’s approach to teaching is thorough, careful, and most importantly, light-hearted and fun.

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