Manual Tea Maker Nº1

By: Manual


Inspired by the ancient Chinese method of steeping tea, the gaiwan, this modern interpretation is designed to add quiet and reflection in your day. The small volume is ideal for making multiple short infusions, each one highlighting different characteristics of the tea. 

Tea Maker Nº1 is made of double-walled borosilicate glass so your tea stays hot without burning your hands. The lid acts as the strainer. One finger simply pulls back the lid to pour the tea out of the small opening. This surprisingly simple process is easy to understand but requires practice to master. The team at Manual see the act of preparing tea as a ritual, the labor of which becomes part of the enjoyment.

The cup has wide proportions like a brandy snifter, so each sip pairs scent and taste. After you are finished, Tea Maker Nº1 is easily cleaned and nested for storage. 

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