Pro 600 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

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This E61 dual boiler packs top of the line performance into an unbeatably small footprint, making for a home espresso machine that's practical, reliable, and beautiful.

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What is it?

The Profitec Pro 600 is a dual boiler espresso machine with an E61 group head, quiet vibratory pump, and a built-in PID and shot timer. It runs on an internal water reservoir.

Who is it for?

For the home barista who wants to maximize utility and performance while preserving counter space. You enjoy making lattes and cappuccinos as much as you do straight espresso so you need something that will have you pulling consistently delicious shots while providing plenty of steam power to serve up milk drinks for yourself and some friends. Most of all, you want something that's built to last and easy to maintain so you can rest easy knowing you'll have great coffee awaiting you morning after morning.

Why do we carry it?

The Profitec Pro 600 brings a particularly unique set of specs to the table compared to other espresso machines at its price point but it is, no doubt, more than the sum of its parts. It has all the amenities you'd expect of a dual boiler E61 espresso machine. Temperature control gives you additional control over your extractions, and the built-in shot timer makes it easy to ensure that every shot is just as delicious as the last. Steam power is plentiful thanks to the fact that the steam boiler on the Pro 600 can create up to 2 bar of pressure. Producing even a half dozen cappuccinos feels perfectly practicable. Its vibratory pump is also one of the quietest we've ever heard. The heavy-duty stainless steel construction gives this machine a premium feel from start to finish every time you use it. For those not interested in direct plumbing, the Pro 600 is an excellent option, sparing the larger pump and fittings to make the machine considerably more compact than similar machines.

Still undecided? Make sure to watch our overview video if you haven't already. 

What's Included

  • Black handle Profitec single-spouted portafilter
  • Black handle Profitec double-spouted portafilter
  • Single basket
  • Double basket
  • Grouphead brush
  • Backflush blank
  • Water test strips
  • Home Barista Starter Kit (courtesy of Clive)
  • 3-year parts and labor warranty provided by Clive Coffee


  • Manufactured in Milan, Italy
  • Dual-boiler
  • E61 brew-group
  • Boiler and pump pressure gauges
  • Built-in PID temperature control and shot timer
  • Vibratory pump
  • Wear-free rotary valves
  • No-burn insulated steam and hot water wands
  • Removeable cup tray
  • Brew boiler: Stainless steel, .75L
  • Steam boiler: Stainless steel, 1L (capable of 2 bar steam pressure)
  • Reservoir: 3L with low water sensor, BPA Free
  • Drip Tray: 32oz capacity

Digital Temperature Control

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Digital Temperature Control

Digital Temperature Control

Closed loop temperature control is a very simple and reliable means of maintaining boiler temperature. Brew temperature and steam boiler temperature can be adjusted degree by degree.

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Double Boiler

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Double Boiler

Double Boiler

Dual boiler espresso machines have dedicated brew and steam boilers, allowing you to pull shots and steam milk at the same time, making for an efficient and streamlined experience. With independent temperature control, you can also dial in the perfect temperature to make your roast of choice shine.

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E61 Group Head

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E61 Group Head

E61 Group Head

The E61 group head was designed in 1961; the fact that it's still around speaks to its reliability. This style of group head allows for mechanical pre-infusion while also exuding romantic espresso machine style.

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PID Temperature Control

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PID Temperature Control

PID Temperature Control

PIDs allow the most precise temperature adjustment and control of boilers by continuously calculating the amount of power needed to maintain the target temperature. They also allow more detailed information to be displayed to the user than digital temperature controlled systems.

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The reservoir is the water tank an espresso machine pulls water from to fill its boilers. Having a reservoir means a machine can be more portable and work in homes where plumbing isn't an option.

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Shot Timer

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Shot Timer

Shot Timer

Shot timers measure the brew time from the time the pump is activated. This information is extremely helpful for dialing in an espresso grinder to the ideal 25-second 1.5oz shot, and maintaining consistency.

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