Ratio Eight Coffee Maker

By: Ratio

The Ratio Eight Coffee Maker combines precision brewing technique, top-quality construction, and a design that will elevate any environment. Simulating a skilled barista pour over, the Ratio meters the water flow to create a bubbly interaction called "the bloom”. The result is more evenly extracted grounds and a more amazing cup of coffee.

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    The Ratio Eight detects the water in the tank and changes the brew cycle automatically given the amount of liquid. This allows for perfect partial batch brewing, anywhere from 16 to 40 ounces. The Ratio is equipped with a powerful die-cast heating element. Where lesser machines struggle to maintain the optimum temperature – brewing either too hot or too cold – Ratio delivers water at or near the optimum temperature of 200 degrees. The water flows through a stainless steel shower head designed for even distribution over the grounds. 

    We believe quality design deserves the best materials. That’s why the Ratio Eight, built with precision-machined aluminum, BPA-free polymer, and premium wood, has become one of our all-time favorite coffee makers. Designed in Portland, Oregon, every Ratio machine is meticulously assembled by hand, just blocks from our showroom and HQ. There are coffee machines that make great coffee, and there are coffee machines that look great. Ratio is the first coffee machine that is truly both, combining form and function.


    • Automatic coffee maker that simulates a pour over
    • One button operation
    • Hand blown borosilicate glass carafe
    • Stainless steel brew head
    • Powerful heating element to deliver water at 200 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Solid wood accents and die-cast aluminum body
    • Laboratory grade borosilicate water lines and carafe
    • BPA-free polymer water tank
    • Carafe holds Chemex paper filters or Able Kone stainless steel filter
    • Powerful 1600 watt/110 or 220v heating element
    • Includes 1 bottle of Ratio Wash, 1 Ratio Microfiber Towel and 4 sample Chemex paper filters
    • Hand-assembled in Portland, Oregon
    • 5-year warranty


    • Height: 14"
    • Width: 9"
    • Depth: 13.5"
    • Capacity: 40 oz

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