Rattleware Round Handled Tamper

Round Handled Tamper

This Rattleware Tamper features a highly durable, impact resistant ABS handle. The round handle is the perfect shape and very comfortable in your hand.

A solid tamper is so essential that it can scarcely be considered an espresso accessory. Outside of the machine and the grinder, your tamp will have the largest effect on the quality of your espresso. While most machines will come with a plastic tamper, it's important to have one that feels great in your hand and accurately fits your portafilter basket.

If you have a LUCCA A53/A53 Mini or other La Spaziale machine, make sure to get the 53mm Tamper. If you have a LUCCA M58, or any other 58mm portafilter, make sure to get the 58mm Tamper.

Check out our blog post on how to Perfect Your Tamp Skills. 

58mm Sold out.

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