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An exceptional example of a washed Ethiopia, the Chelchele is a floral, fruity, light roast coffee. While this coffee can get a little lost in milk drinks, it is gorgeous as a drip coffee or straight espresso.

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From Verve
Teeming with a bouquet of perfumed florals and tart stone fruit, this Worka Kebele offering from METAD’s Chelchele washing station yields a layered and lasting profile.

About Sourcing the Ethiopia Chelchele
Sourced from smallholder producers associated with the METAD Agricultural Development PLC, Chelchele owes its distinct complexity and clarity to not only meticulous processing featuring a state-of-the-art Penagos demucilager; but the staggering altitudes and mystical terroir surrounding the Worka Kebele in Gedeb. It’s needless to say, we’re pretty head-over-heels for coffees hailing from this small but mighty community.

Upon delivery of ripe, heirloom coffee cherries; seeds are pulped and demucilaged before undergoing a 24 soak in concrete tanks. After soaking, seeds are transferred directly to raised beds for sorting and sun-drying. It’s thanks to the Penagos ecopulper that these coffees can boast the intricate florals characteristic of Southern Ethiopian coffees using a mere fraction the amount of water as is standard.



  • Roast: Light
  • Producer: Various Producers
  • Region: Gedeo Zone, Ethiopia
  • Altitude: 200-2400 Meters
  • Varietal: Heriloom