Clive is a bit of a throwback company. We really believe that, in the age of Amazon, there has been a bit of a personal connection lost. We actually enjoy picking up the phone and answering questions, whether they be about espresso or frankly anything. We would love to have a conversation about your dream morning routine and get you into the right espresso setup for your budget. We don’t stop there though. We have spent many hours talking our customers through dialing in grinders and pulling that first delicious shot. We’re just waiting for our first wedding invite.

We don't sell any product that we wouldn't personally use. You might find our selection limiting, but this is intentional. We have done the hard work for you. Now you know that whatever choice you make is going to be a good one. So go on, pick something. Anything. You can't lose. 

Espresso at home is not hard. You just need to have the right team behind you. Welcome to Clive.

  • Ben


    Ben is something of a coffee fanatic. His dad even named Ben's signature drink (16g of beans, extracted 25g-30g of liquid in 28-30 seconds, drop half a teaspoon of raw sugar right into the steaming pitcher along with 2-3oz of milk and steamed to a drinkable and fluffy texture) "The-Ben-Piff-Bullseye". Ben's experience in roasting coffee at home, as well as buying, rebuilding, and selling espresso machines makes him the perfect fit in outfitting your home with everything you'll need for great espresso. In his spare time, Ben spends time with his wife and two kids, takes pictures of vintage cars, and rides bmx at Portland's skateparks.

    Favorite drink
    1.5oz of espresso with 9 bars of pressure at 200 degrees

  • Paul


    Paul has been part of the Clive Coffee team for over four years, helping people find the right setup for their budget and lifestyle. Paul also double checks machines and equipment heading out the door to ensure that your new products arrive on time and in pristine condition. When Paul is not at Clive, he's often enjoying desert races on his motorcycle.

    Favorite drink

  • Victoria


    Victoria is a transplant from Sacramento where she worked as a barista. As an avid photographer and lover of all things beautiful, Victoria works in the Clive showroom, perfecting the experience of buying and understanding coffee equipment. When you call Clive Coffee, you'll frequently be greeted by Victoria, and she'll make sure you are pointed in the right direction with all of your home barista needs.

    Favorite drink
    A shot of espresso

  • Gil


    Gil is a resident tech at Clive Coffee. That means that Gil bench tests each machine to make sure it's ready to pull the best shot possible in your home. Everything from final programming, to checking the lines and gauges, to adding custom wood panels, Gil is experienced in servicing and preparing all of our espresso machines. Gil's favorite way to make coffee is through a Chemex, as long as there's a good book to read at his side.

    Favorite drink
    A single shot of espresso

  • Adam Raper


    Adam was a Clive customer back in 2014 when he discovered the joy and quality of espresso at home. In 2016, he met Clive founder, Mark Hellweg, and decided to invest in the company and join full-time. Today, Adam helps with all things web, content and marketing. He lives in Park City, Utah with his wife, 2 boys and yellow lab, Derby.

    Favorite drink
    Ben Piff Bullseye

  • Mark


    Mark founded Clive Coffee in 2008 with the goal of bringing a well-curated assortment of coffee and espresso equipment to people who love amazing coffee at home. His profound desire to find the best coffee products in the world has been a catalyst in developing a handful of some of the most beautiful and innovative products in coffee - such as the LUCCA line of espresso machines, the Clive Stand, and the new-to-market Ratio Eight.

    Favorite drink
    Before noon, pourover; after noon, espresso.

  • Ryan


    Ryan came knocking on the door of Clive Coffee in October 2015 with no background in coffee but a certain Midwest charm that we couldn't turn away. We saw the potential of that Midwest charm and his attention to detail as an opportunity to expand on our support branch for both servicing machines and meticulously preparing new machines for new homes. Ryan can be found at Clive benching your next machine and answering any of your questions about that machine.

    Favorite drink
    A ristretto while sitting in the front window of Coffee House Northwest.

  • james


    James is a photographer and video producer at Clive Coffee with over 10 years experience as a coffee professional and nearly 20 years experience with photography. Having previously worked as a barista, and a lead coffee roaster has provided additional depth and understanding to his creative vision when capturing details of a new product or filming a video overview. Originally from a small mountain town in the central Oregon cascade range, James continues to spend much of his free time running in the alpine alongside his wife.

    Favorite drink

  • charles


    Charles has always been fascinated by the process of making coffee. Even as a kid he was sure he wanted to be a barista. After working as one for two years he realized that what he now enjoys most is helping others to enjoy the experience as much as he does. Charles works in the showroom and helps run Clive's Instagram, sharing his coffee passion with others. In his free time Charles enjoys photography, hiking, and of course more coffee nerdery.

    Favorite drink
    Flat White

  • amanda


    Amanda developed a taste for craft coffee as a young adult through a blossoming admiration of coffee shop culture. Visiting independent cafes and sampling the local style in every town she travels to has been a hobby of hers for years. Amanda’s passion for numbers and coffee combined when she joined Clive in early 2017 to organize the financial side of the house.

    Favorite drink
    Pour over in the morning. Hot or iced americano in the afternoon.

  • Sterling


    Sterling is a Northwest native who began his coffee journey as a college town barista. He has since grown a full blend of skills he is taking back into the industry. He has an array of hats to wear at Clive, including accounting, office management, and HR. Out in the world, Sterling spends time with his wife exploring Oregon’s many wonders.

    Favorite drink
    Pour Over in the morning, espresso in the afternoon.

  • Scott


    Scott is a simple man with an easily repeatable daily ritual. He wakes up before sunrise, makes some pour over, walks his amazing dog Francine, puts some miles on his road bike, and if he has time before clocking in, he usually spends it knitting at a local coffee shop. With multiple years spent at UPS and FedEx, Scott has hit the ground running in his warehouse slash shipping associate role here at Clive. His borderline obsessive-compulsive disorder helps keep inventory numbers on point and product replenishment orders seamlessly streaming in. Scott takes his work seriously and always aims to maximize efficiency. Working for a growing company in his eyes is great because he can claim "every hour is coffee o'clock!"

    Favorite drink
    Pour over? Yes please!

  • Sam


    Sam grew up in the North West enjoying the coffee scene while traveling between Olympia, Seattle, and Portland. At 17 he broadened his travels, touring around the states with a death metal band and in 2013 he moved to Copenhagen with a Danish death metal band where he lived for 4 years. Recently moving back to the area and looking to grow roots Sam is a part of our tech team, benching machines and making sure customers have the best out of box experience.

    Favorite drink
    Almond milk latte

  • Dani


    Dani is a coffee lover, yet somewhat of a novice. In fact, it was only right before her first Clive purchase that she owned a Keurig. Eeeeeeh. We decided to give her a chance anyway and since she is in charge of all of our product content, she is learning quickly. Based in Park City with her family, she loves visiting the team in Portland and getting face time with the folks she usually only works with through her laptop.

    Favorite drink

  • Jared Cornwall


    Jared is a mediocre home barista but an amazing web developer. He handles design, development, and usability at Clive: helping to ensure that researching and buying espresso equipment is as enjoyable as the espresso you’ll be producing at home. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his son and a wife whom is very happy to now have her own home barista.

    Favorite drink
    Latte in the morning, Café Pacifico on the weekend.