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In your pursuit of great espresso, design, and quality that lasts we aim to be your guide.

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I cannot recommend Clive Coffee highly enough. This company checks all the boxes: great products, great service, great follow up, great customer care.
Malcolm S.
Phenomenally knowledgeable staff selling the best home coffee products on the market. They were friendly, helpful, and truly a joy to interact with.
Grant M.
Excellent service, excellent website, excellent selection--what's not to like?
Marshall G.
I had an excellent experience buying my Bezzera Duo espresso machine from Clive Coffee. They are espresso experts.
Michael O.
I love my A53 Lucca Mini and Sette 270. The purchase experience was quick and easy. Answered all my questions and would not hesitate to purchase from them again.
Margie V.

Espresso at home is not hard. You just need to have the right team behind you.

Welcome to Clive

Clive is a bit of a throwback company.

In the age of Amazon, we believe that personal connections are lost. We genuinely enjoy picking up the phone and answer questions, whether it be about espresso or, frankly, anything.

We'd love to have a conversation about your dream morning routine and find the proper espresso setup for your budget.

We don't stop there. We spend hours talking customers through dialing in grinders and pulling that first perfect shot. We're just waiting for our first wedding invite.

We won't sell anything that we wouldn't personally use.

If you find our selection limiting, this is intentional. We do the hard work for you. Whatever choice you make is going to be a good one.

So go on, pick something. Anything. You can't lose.

Meet our team:

We're a group of coffee-enthusiasts looking to share our knowledge and build a better home espresso experience.


Favorite drink: Straight shot

Paul has been helping people find the right setup for their budget and lifestyle since 2011. Paul also double-checks machines and equipment heading out the door to ensure that your products arrive on time and in pristine condition. When Paul is not at Clive, he's often enjoying motorcycling and the outdoors.


Favorite drink: Pour over in the morning. Hot or iced americano in the afternoon.

Amanda developed a taste for craft coffee as a young adult through a blossoming admiration of coffee shop culture. Visiting independent cafes and sampling the local style in every town she travels to has been a hobby of hers for years. Amanda’s passion for numbers and coffee combined when she joined Clive in early 2017 to organize the financial side of the house.


Favorite drink: Ben Piff Bullseye

Adam was a Clive customer back in 2014 when he discovered the joy and quality of espresso at home. In 2016, he met Clive founder, Mark Hellweg, and decided to invest in the company and join full-time. Today, Adam is the CEO of Clive and works exclusively on expanding the education platform and in-house LUCCA brand. He lives in Park City, Utah with his two boys and yellow lab, Derby.


Favorite drink: Classic drip coffee in the mornings and an Italiano after lunch.

Ryan started with Clive in October of 2015 after graduating from the University of Northern Iowa and venturing to Portland. Beginning in a temp position in the warehouse, Ryan has now been with Clive for over five years and serves as the Tech Manager, overseeing daily operations. Outside of work, you’ll find Ryan ripping up backroads on his motorcycle or tinkering in his garage.


Favorite drink: 5oz Americano

Jon’s interest in specialty coffee began in college and hasn’t slowed down. He spent years working with some of Portland’s most respected roasting companies in both wholesale support and operations roles. He loves getting his young girls and dog outside to hunt for chanterelle mushrooms in the rainforests of Oregon. Jon joined the team in 2021 as COO to help scale Clive’s operations.


Favorite drink: Cafè oat lait (Cafè au lait with oat milk).

In 2016, Sam "Pink" packed her '99 Subaru full of records and coffee equipment, drove from Florida until the car died in America's coffee city- Portland, OR. She joined the team in 2018 and now runs the education department for both Clive and Coffee School. Pink spends her days teaching home baristas how to make great coffee. When she's not at Clive, she's either writing songs or cooking.


Favorite drink: Wine

Dani is a coffee lover, yet somewhat of a novice. In fact, it was only right before her first Clive purchase that she owned a Keurig. Eeeeeeh. We decided to give her a chance anyway and since she is in charge of all of our product content, she is learning quickly. Based in Park City with her family, she loves visiting the team in Portland and getting face time with the folks she usually only works with through her laptop.


Favorite drink: Iced Red Eye

Emily joined the team in 2020 to oversee the marketing side of Clive. With over a decade of experience in building lifestyle brands through a digital-first focus, Emily finally combined her love for a great-tasting coffee and her passion for storytelling. While she loves a quality cup of coffee, she hasn't quite nailed the whole home barista thing, don't worry, we have her covered. When not at Clive, you can find her on the river with her spouse and two dogs or in the kitchen crafting a new recipe.


Favorite drink: Latte

Jared is a mediocre home barista but an amazing web developer. He handles design, development, and usability at Clive: helping to ensure that researching and buying espresso equipment is as enjoyable as the espresso you’ll be producing at home. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his son and a wife whom is very happy to now have her own home barista.

Ben G

Favorite drink: Affogato (it counts)

Ben and his fiancée drove to Portland from Philly in the summer of ‘18 looking for chill vibes, big mountains, and great coffee. Over his ten years in the coffee industry, Ben has been a barista, technician, educator, and most recently, a product developer. At Clive, he heads up development and promotion of Clive’s LUCCA brand, schmoozing manufacturers, wrangling vendors, testing new stuff, and making sure we bring the best product experience to every customer.

Ben K

Favorite drink: An ice-cold Rainier

Ben is here to make sure you have everything you need on that first morning of your new espresso journey. He enjoys his position as assistant to the warehouse manager but is working hard for his desired role of assistant warehouse manager. When not ensuring that every shipment is lovingly packaged with care, Ben can be found doing backsides on his skateboard in South East Portland.


Favorite drink: Quad shot Americano

Sean grew up in New Orleans where he first discovered his love for chicory and iced coffee in Parisian-esque coffee stands. Born on the bayou, Sean is an avid crawfish boil, frozen daiquiri, and New Orleans Saints fan. Fresh out of graduate school, Sean moved to Portland in 2015 to start a life with his soulmate. Sean joined the CX team in 2019 to give customers an intentional and holistic approach to home coffee making.


Favorite drink: Oat milk latte in the morning & a glass of Pinot Noir in the evening.

Jessica joined Clive Coffee in early 2020. Originally from California, she considers herself a local now. During her free time you can find her exploring new restaurants, reading the Oregonian, or enjoying a bike ride on the Southeast Corridor Trail. She currently works with all company suppliers and operation teams to ensure inventory levels and keep the coffee flowing.


Favorite drink: At his best: V60 pour over. At his worst: Iced Italiano

August was born at a young age, right here in Portland. Working his way up through a coffee chain in a strip mall, a coffee shop inside a laundromat, and several specialty cafes, he has shared his passion with aspiring baristas from all over the globe as the head instructor at a five-day barista school workshop. Now feels right at home in the sales and education team at Clive. If not talking about coffee, he’s most likely cooking or at band practice.


Favorite drink: Oat milk cappuccino or a sweet, sweet 'spro

Corbin stumbled into the coffee scene working at a small town coffee shop/bookstore. 4 years and too many lattes later, he's transitioned from barista to inbound lead manager of the CX team. Corbin's here to make your search for the perfect espresso seamless, while also keeping you updated on a machine's journey from us to you. When off work, he's exploring on a bike or reading something new.

Hannah M.

Favorite drink: Espresso and Tonic or Gin and Tonic

Hannah fell down the rabbit hole of specialty coffee in 2014 when she got a job as a barista for a coffee roaster/importer in rural Georgia. She fell in love with the beverage's complexity, the vast supply chain, and the constant need to learn. Hannah is an Authorized Specialty Coffee Association Trainer and has traveled the world tasting, slurping, teaching, and judging coffee. When she isn't focused on caffeine, she's probably hula hooping, reading, or being lazy with her dog.


Favorite drink: Caramel Mocha

Leah was drawn to Clive by her love of coffee and the contagious energy of the team. She started with us in 2020 as the expert bean-counter (pun intended), ensuring the books are clean at all times. When not behind the computer screen, Leah can be found enjoying the beautiful countryside of the NW with her teenagers and her wind-loving family in the Gorge.


Favorite drink: Pour over in the morning; oat milk macchiato in the afternoon

Lara’s love of coffee began with bottomless carafes in all-night diners at the age of 13. Her parents didn’t know (don’t tell them.) There she would write poetry and short stories that would make even the most compassionate English teacher cringe. Her writing has not improved, but her taste in coffee has. She joined Clive Coffee in the summer of 2020 as part of the shipping team. When she’s not at work, you can find her in the garden or hanging off a rock wall somewhere.


Favorite drink: Straight espresso or bubbly water

Suzy started in coffee over 13 years ago. As a professional barista (and coffee championships competitor) she has seen the progress of the industry and loves the specialty coffee community. With friends all over the country and the world because of coffee, it is her favorite form of human interaction. As your CX Associate, she’ll be happy to talk coffee, life, machines, dog parks, and skincare.


Favorite drink: Cortado or cappuccino in the morning and a nice IPA in the evening.

Troy first found his love for coffee while working as a barista in 2014. It was there that he found a passion in connecting with customers and crafting the best drink for each individual. As a member of the CX team at Clive, Troy is able to bring that same passion into helping each customer find the perfect setup for them. When he isn’t working, Troy enjoys playing video games, watching sports, and spending time with his wife, Kim, and their chihuahua, Pistachio.

Hannah B.

Favorite drink: Oat milk London Fog

Hannah joined the Clive team in early 2021. She currently works as a front-end developer and designer for Clive, helping create design content and keeping the Clive website up to date. Originally from Connecticut, she moved to Oregon for school, and has been here ever since. Outside of Clive, she can usually be found hiking, biking, or searching for a new addition to her growing plant collection.

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