Coffee School: One-on-One Coaching

Book thirty minutes with a barista trainer from Coffee School. Having trouble dialing in your grinder? Need help perfecting your milk steaming technique? Or, maybe you want someone to tell you that you're doing everything right! Your coach will jam-pack your one-on-one video call with barista tips and actionable advice tailored to your situation. You'll leave with your questions answered and the secret to better mornings (better coffee). 

Training is available Monday-Friday, 9 am to 3 pm EST. Once purchased, you'll receive an email to book a time with your instructor. Are you purchasing it as a gift? No problem! Leave your recipient's name and email in the notes at checkout, and we'll set up a time! Can't get off the 9-5 grind and need a weekend training? Email us at 

    Coffee School One-on-One Coaching
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    Coffee School Latte Art
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    Coffee School: One-on-One Coaching


    Clive Coffee and Coffee School present: One-on-One Coaching. Meet online with a professional barista educator for specialized training and education designed to bust myths and get you on the fast track for better coffee at home.

    What your thirty minutes could look like:
    • Espresso technique focus
    • Dialing in help
    • Milk steaming tips
    • Latte art advice
    • Coffee brewing pointers
    • Making your favorite drink
    • Q & A
    • A little of all of the above

    What to expect: 
    Upon signing up for Coffee School, you'll be sent an invitation to create an account on our learning platform, Teachable. Once you're in, you can access the link to book your thirty-minute Zoom session. 

    Meet your instructor

    Course instructor: Sam

    Sam has been a part of the Clive family since Sept of 2018. She came to us from Florida where her love of coffee was discovered by working as a barista. In 2015, Sam landed in Portland to work with Portland Coffee Roasters as their primary wholesale account manager and coffee trainer. During this time, she also did work for Pacific Foods Barista Series alternative milk in their lab and at SCAA. Sam has taught classes at the American Barista & Coffee Workshops in Portland, as well as leading home barista classes at Clive. Now spearheading the entire education department at Clive, her focus is on our learn espresso journal articles, live classes in Portland, and now online-only classes. Sam’s approach to teaching is thorough, careful, and most importantly, light-hearted and fun.

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