Please note that our trade-in program is on a temporary pause due to COVID-19, but we're excited to get it back up and running as soon as we can!

Ready to upgrade your home espresso setup? If you have one of the machines listed below, we've got you covered. Simply ship the machine back to us and assuming it is in working condition, you'll be able to put the value of your trade-in towards your next purchase with Clive. 

Eligible Espresso Machines

  • Profitec: Pro 300, Pro 500, Pro 600, Pro 700, Pro 800
  • ECM: Classika, Mechanika Slim, Synchronika
  • LUCCA: A53 Mini, A53 DP, M58
  • Rocket: Appartamento

Eligible Grinders

  • Eureka: Specialita, Silenzio, Perfetto, Atom 60, Atom 65, Zenith 65E
  • Profitec: T-64
  • ECM: S-Automatik

Additional Info

  • Machines will be valued upon receipt. Value will be based on the condition of the machine, year, make, model, features, parts needed to be replaced, and labor for repair. 
  • Value will go towards your next Clive purchase.
  • If Clive deems the machine unfit to trade in, the customer is responsible for picking up or sending the machine back. 
  • The customer is responsible for shipping costs associated with sending the machine to Clive.
  • We highly encourage that the machine is in its original packaging. This is to ensure packaging instructions can be followed properly and the risk of damages are mitigated. If you do not have the original packaging, you must fully package the machine to the best of your ability to negate the risk of damage in shipping. We have repackaging instructions for many machines. Clive is not responsible for damages incurred in shipping. 
  • Insurance for shipping machines is strongly recommended in the event that the machine gets damaged on its way to Clive.
  • Clive reserves the right to refuse any machine for trade in. In the event that a machine is turned down for trade in it will be the responsibility of the customer to arrange return shipment to them.
Please complete the required fields below to be considered for the trade in program. Someone will reach out to you within 24 business hours regarding your trade-in request. Assuming you are eligible, we'll also work with you to ensure all your questions are answered so that you can select a new espresso machine that fits all your needs!