Water Softening and Filtration System

By: Clive Coffee

Providing a clean water supply is the first step to ensure excellent espresso and a reliable espresso machine. This combination water softener and 10-micron filter system contains everything you need to connect your espresso machine to your water source, and is designed for use with hard water. Don't worry, we have a video and step-by-step installation instructions for you.

Not sure which part you need? Parts are non-returnable so please contact us before ordering and our technicians will set you up for success.

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    We encourage you to seek local expertise before deciding on a filtration or softening system. The composition of water and water pressure can vary so greatly from one location to another that you may require a different level of softening, filtration, or purification than our kits provide (ours is designed for hard water). Regardless of water quality, some filter type is always required to keep solids out of the machine.  It includes everything needed to connect the cold water source under your sink to the braided line included with your espresso machine.

    The cartridge in this kit is a Homeland filter. Homeland is a co-op of Holiday House Distributing and Omnipure Filter Company. This cartridge filters taste, odor, chlorine, limescale, and particulates. Its service life is 1,700 grains or roughly 1,000 gallons with a flow rate of 2 gallons per minute(GPM). 

    The HCWS filter is a 10-micron level Granular activated carbon cartridge. The Granule Carbon removes taste, odor, and chlorine from water and particulates and has a scale inhibitor and softener.

    To learn more about water and how it might affect your morning routine, check out The Importance of Water and Your Machine on our blog and the Water 101 course with Third Wave Water offered exclusively through Coffee School. 


    • Softens 1,700 grains of hardness (29070 ppm)
    • John Guest Angle Stop Valve to direct connect to cold water supply
    • Water line pressure regulator
    • Flushing valve for cartridge replacement
    • Easy release cartridge for cartridge replacement
    • 10ft ⅜" LLDPE tubing
    • 3 water hardness test strips


    • Height: 20.5"
    • Width: 11"
    • Depth: 4"

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