Espresso Machine Repair & Service

Is your espresso machine or grinder in need of repair? Or maybe just a good tune-up? We hate the thought of anyone going without their morning espresso, so we're here to help. Once we receive your machine, we complete the work with manufacturer-supplied OEM parts, and then fully test your equipment to ensure that it is working properly before it heads out the door. You can ship your machine to us or drop it off at our showroom in Portland.

  • Hourly Rate: $120/hr, billed by the quarter-hour (unless covered by warranty).
  • Turnaround Expectations: Varies based on demand — currently averaging around two weeks.
  • What we can repair: Machines + grinders that we sell.
  • What we do NOT repair: Machines + grinders that we do not sell or that are modified (aftermarket PIDs installed, etc.). 

Shipping Details:

  • The customer is responsible for shipping costs associated with sending the machine to Clive as well as the return shipping (if repair is covered by warranty, return shipping is covered by Clive).
  • The customer is responsible for damages incurred in shipping.  We have draining and repackaging instructions for many machines. Original packaging is highly recommended. 
  • Insurance for shipping machines is strongly recommended in the event that the machine gets damaged on its way to Clive.
  • Return shipping is not available for local drop-offs unless confirmed before drop-off time.

Tune-up Services*:

Yearly Machine Tune-up: Standard group head gasket and dispersion screen replacement, general cleaning and testing of all functions of the machine. $132-152, price dependent on make/model of machine. 

3-5 Year Machine Tune-up: All items in yearly tune-up + vacuum breaker, safety valve, and expansion valve seat replacement, fill probe and temperature probe(s) cleaned (if applicable to the machine). $220, subject to change based on make/model.

Grinder Deep Clean + Dial-in: We remove the burrs, clean the grinder good as new, and re-dial in (for applicable grinders). $120.

*Any parts and labor outside of the scope of the tune up services will incur additional cost.

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