Laser Engraving Guidelines

For custom artwork laser engraving, we can only engrave the artwork as provided. We are unable to create or edit provided artwork. All engraving sales are final and can not be returned.

File Requirements

  • Acceptable file formats: AI, SVG, DXF, JPG, PNG.
  • Vector based artwork is ideal.
  • All vector shapes must be in closed paths.
  • Pixel based artwork should high resolution, at least 1200px width or height. Lower resolution files pulled from a web site are not ideal.

Sizing and spacing

  • Artwork will be sized to fill 80% of the available space for engraving unless otherwise specified.
  • Artwork placement can vary up 2mm (+/-).
  • Artwork should be provided in one color.
  • Layered artwork should still be viewable in one color. Avoid thin spaces and lines between engraved areas as they could easily break off. The minimum width of white space should be at least 0.5mm. 

Artwork Considerations

Artwork should be provided in one color. Any multi-color artwork will be converted to one color which can lead to undesired results for the final engraving. In the example below, the artwork on the left would result in a solid circle or hard to discern engraving depth.

Laser engraving color example

When engraving layered artwork the end result will appear to be one layer.

Laser engraving layered artwork example

Be sure to keep the white space of your artwork no thinner than 0.5mm. Thin lines between the engraved areas can be brittle and break off easily.

Laser engraving spacing example