Office Espresso Packages

While the initial sticker price can seem daunting, office coffee and office espresso is a terrific long-term value. Even if you are buying the best machine and beans, the average office will save their employees thousands of dollars per year by providing office espresso. Also, think about the time wasted for all those trips to the coffee shop.

We suggest the espresso packages below based on the number of drinks per day. Decide between good, better and best. Then visit the product pages to select the finish that best fits your office.

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Coffee Shop Costs
Cost per year:
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Costs per day:
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Office Costs
Cost per year:
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Coffee bags per year:
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Coffee bag price:
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Coffee cost per year:
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Est. milk cost per year:
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Office Savings
Savings per year:
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Savings over 5 years:
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