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Our friends at Able Brewing here in Portland invented this excellent metal filter as a reusable solution for Chemex or pour over brewing. Made of laser-welded stainless steel, the KONE allows oils and sediment to pass through, like a French Press, while still allowing the same control and feel of a traditional pour over.

The KONE is compatible with the Chemex Coffee Makers, Origami Pour Over Drippers, and Ratio Eight Coffee Maker.

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Need to Know

Paper filters can stick to the sides of your Chemex or dripper, restricting the flow of water to the bottom of the filter and causing an uneven extraction. The KONE's unique design and photochemically etched holes allow the water to flow freely through the entire filter, not just the end. Altogether, this makes for a unique pour over experience that's as good for your palate as it is for the environment.

The Kone's unique design and photochemically etched holes allow the water to flow freely through the entire filter, not just out of the end. For the Ratio Eight version, the Able team added more holes to accommodate the higher brew volumes of up to 40 ounces. The holes are round on one side and square on the other - a rare design feature that helps eliminate potential clogging.

Designed in Portland and assembled in China, the Kone allows just the right amount of oils and sediment to pass through, giving the coffee a rich flavor that is still clean, aromatic, and delightful. The mouthfeel will be slightly fuller than a Chemex filter but cleaner than a typical stainless steel filter.


  • Stainless steel reusable filter
  • Food safe plastic structure support ring
  • Flat cone tip for safety
  • Compatible with the Chemex and Origami dripper.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in the USA