Coffee School Advanced Espresso


If you've mastered the basics of pulling a shot, whether from taking our Intro to Espresso course, spending hours on YouTube University, or having once worked behind the bar as a barista, and you're ready to up your espresso game, you've landed in the right place. Advanced Espresso is training designed specifically for you, the home barista. We've laid out this information in easily digestible segments to debunk coffee myths one by one as we show you what's really important. This self-paced course is packed with palate development exercises and a plethora of barista tricks— backed by science (and just a little bit of math and good luck).

    Coffee School Advanced Espresso
    Coffee School Advanced Espresso
    Coffee School Advanced Espresso
    Coffee School Advanced Espresso
    Coffee School Advanced Espresso


    Clive Coffee and Coffee School present: Advanced Espresso, a self-paced online course designed specifically for you, the home barista. 

    What you'll learn:

    • Understanding extraction and strength
    • How to measure TDS and find your extraction percentage
    • Espresso rules and recipes — what's important
    • How to determine and avoid channeling
    • How to best utilize pre-infusion
    • How your coffee bag can make you a better barista
    • Grind retention, single dosing, purging, and all things grinders
    What to expect: 
    Upon signing up for Coffee School, you'll be sent an invitation to create an account on our learning platform, Teachable. Once you're in, you can begin working through the course at your own pace. The course includes ninety minutes of in-depth video instruction, practice sheets, and alternative resources. This course never expires; it is yours to keep forever! If you are unsatisfied with the course for any reason, contact us, and we'll make it right! 

    Want to learn more? Explore the course.

    Meet your instructor

    Course instructor: Sam

    Sam has been a part of the Clive family since Sept of 2018. She came to us from Florida where her love of coffee was discovered by working as a barista. In 2015, Sam landed in Portland to work with Portland Coffee Roasters as their primary wholesale account manager and coffee trainer. During this time, she also did work for Pacific Foods Barista Series alternative milk in their lab and at SCAA. Sam has taught classes at the American Barista & Coffee Workshops in Portland, as well as leading home barista classes at Clive. Now spearheading the entire education department at Clive, her focus is on our learn espresso journal articles, live classes in Portland, and now online-only classes. Sam’s approach to teaching is thorough, careful, and most importantly, light-hearted and fun.

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