Luminaire Automatic Add-on Shot Timer

Automatic Add-on Shot Timer

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A quick and easy aftermarket shot timer for use on espresso machines with electronic group head 3-way valves. The perfect complement to our Lucca Direct-Plumb A53 or A53 Mini. We will install when added to a cart with an A53.

If you are tired of trying to quickly hit start on your iPhone timer each time you pull a shot, the Luminaire shot timer may be for you. Based on a simple electromagnetic sensor that attaches to the group head solenoid, the shot timer automatically starts the count as soon as the solenoid is activated. It works on most 120/220v group head solenoids. With a battery that is good for 4-7 years, this handy accessory has become a staple in the Clive office for use on our Linea Mini and Lucca A53s.

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    3 Reviews