While the initial sticker price can seem daunting, home espresso is a terrific long-term value. Even if you are buying the best machine and beans, the average cafe consumer will save thousands of dollars per year by switching to home espresso.

Coffee Shop Costs
Cost per year:
${ shopCostPerYear | currency }
Costs per day:
${ shopCostPerDay | currency }
Home Barista Costs
Cost per year:
${ homeCostPerYear | currency }
Coffee bags per year:
${ coffeeBagsPerYear }
Coffee bag price:
${ coffeeBagPrice | currency }
Coffee cost per year:
${ coffeeCostPerYear | currency }
Est. milk cost per year:
${ milkCostPerYear | currency }
Home Barista Savings
Savings per year:
${ savingsPerYear | currency }
Savings over 5 years:
${ savingsFiveYear | currency }
${ payback } Months

Adam Raper

Adam Raper
Adam was a Clive customer back in 2014 when he discovered the joy and quality of espresso at home. In 2016, he met Clive founder, Mark Hellweg, and decided to invest in the company and join full-time. Today, Adam helps with all things web, content and marketing. He lives in Park City, Utah with his wife, 2 boys and yellow lab, Derby.