Fellow Stagg [X] Pour Over Set

By: Fellow

A perfect set for those just getting started with pour over or looking to spice up their pour over routine. The vacuum insulated dripper plus the double wall glass ensures one of the highest heat retentions out of any pour over set we've ever tested. 

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    Stagg [X] Dripper

    Fellow’s first dripper offers steep walls for an even extraction and vacuum insulation for better heat retention and a hotter cup of coffee. With a built-in ratio aid, you always know the right amount of coffee to add. The ratio aid also acts as a drip cup when you're done brewing, making clean up a snap. The Stagg [X] is recommended for those who generally want to make 1 cup. If you prefer to make just a little bit more than that, check out the [XF].

    Stagg Tasting Glass

    There are many double-walled glasses out there, but none are as well thought out as Fellow's, especially when it comes to drinking coffee. The glasses' double walls taper to a single-walled flared lip. This means that you don't have that awkward extra thick edge to drink from, and it also means this glass is excellent at funneling your coffee's wonderful aromas to the front of your tongue. The double-wall also ensures maximum heat retention and no exterior condensation. Hand blown and borosilicate, these beautiful glasses won't let you down. 

    Stagg [X] Paper Filters

    Pack of 30 flat bottom design filters.


    Stagg [X] Dripper:

    • Stainless steel body
    • Silicone gasket
    • Vacuum insulated for ultimate heat retention
    • Steep walls for even extraction
    • No-clog drainage hole
    • Ratio aid for accurate measuring of coffee
    • Ratio aid acts as a drip cup after brewing
    • 30 filters included

    Stagg Tasting Glass:

    • 1 cup (10 oz)
    • Double walled glass
    • Heatproof
    • Hand blown borosilicate glass
    • Set includes 1, 10 oz tasting glass

    Stagg [X] Paper Filters

    • Pack of 30, flat bottom design filters

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