Saint Anthony Industries New Levy Tamp

Saint Anthony Industries
New Levy Tamp

Tamping plays such a vital role in the quality of your espresso. Ensuring that your tamp is consistent day after day is the key to reliably delicious extractions. Saint Anthony Industries' New Levy Tamp can be easily and precisely calibrated to your desired tamping depth. This means you, or anyone for that matter, can achieve the same tamp for every shot.

Handmade in the USA with walnut and stainless steel they have a satisfying heft in the hand. Depth is adjustable from 5mm to 17mm. Goes hand in hand with the BT Wedge Distribution Tool.

Watch our setup guide video. Or if you're feeling like having us do the work for you, we'll dial in your Levy free of charge with any espresso machine purchase.

7 58.3mm / Walnut in stock.

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