ECM Special Edition Classika PID Espresso Machine


The Special Edition ECM Classika PID - made exclusively for Clive - packs premium features and build quality to create cafe performance in one of the most compact footprints on the market. It's the perfect espresso machine for the espresso purist.

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    What is it?

    The ECM Special Edition Classika PID, built exclusively for Clive, is a single boiler, E61 group head espresso machine with a built-in PID and shot timer that is run on an internal reservoir.

    Who is it for?

    The espresso purist who wants a machine that offers all the amenities they need and nothing more. If you're drinking straight shots or americanos with the very occasional cappuccino, the Classika was built for you.

    Why do we carry it?

    There is no other machine that combines the classic E61 group head with a single boiler PID design, offering the ability to pull top-notch shots at an affordable price with a machine that doesn't take up your whole kitchen. For straight espresso fans, this machine can be the last word in home espresso.

    Still undecided? Make sure to watch our overview video if you haven't already. 

    What's Included

    • ECM double spouted portafilter
    • ECM bottomless portafilter
    • Double basket
    • Triple basket
    • ECM stainless steel tamper
    • Backflush blank
    • Grouphead brush
    • Water test strip
    • Home Barista Starter Kit (courtesy of Clive)
    • 3-year parts and labor warranty provided by Clive Coffee


    • Insulated steam and hot water arm
    • PID-display to regulate the temperature of the coffee boiler
    • PID-display shows the brewing time in seconds
    • Boiler pressure gauge
    • 'No-burn' steam wand
    • Durable stainless steel construction
    • Wood accessory upgrade available
    • Fitted with copper water tubing
    • Boiler: Stainless steel, .75L
    • Reservoir: 3L with low water sensor, BPA Free
    • Drip tray: 36oz

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