NEW: The Eureka Precision Scale

Eureka Precision Scale with a shot of espresso on the LUCCA corner tamping mat

At this point, if you’re not using a scale with your espresso setup, you’re in the unfortunate minority. We’re coffee enthusiasts here, and eyeballing how much coffee going into your portafilter just doesn’t cut it. Using a scale is an essential tool to help build an espresso recipe, make adjustments on the fly, and, most importantly, get better-tasting espresso. 

“Do I really need to use a scale when brewing espresso?” 

The answer is a resounding YES. Yes, you do. Not only will you save so much time and coffee, but you’ll start to learn why even just 1-2 grams of ground espresso or 1-2 seconds of extraction time will radically change how your espresso tastes. It’s almost impossible to gauge, with the naked eye, how much coffee is in your portafilter, so do yourself a favor and measure it! Your taste buds will thank you. 
With that being said, you don’t have to use a scale all the time, and it’s mainly important to use when you’re dialing in a coffee you’re not used to or if you’re experiencing extraction issues. It’s essential to use the exact amount of ground espresso in your portafilter basket each time you pull a shot. Knowledge is power. 

There are additional variables that impact espresso outcomes, such as puck prep, tamping, and grind size. Getting a scale will help you identify and alter these other variables much faster and more efficiently. 

“Do I need to buy that $250 scale? This is starting to get pricy.”

No. While the Acaia Lunar is the premier scale on the market, it’s not absolutely necessary to get the most expensive scale, especially if your budget does not accommodate it. We have the perfect option for everyone ballin’ on a budget but still deserve quality. 

Meet the Eurkea Precision Scale

Eureka Precision Scale with coffee beans

It’s essential that an espresso scale is small enough to fit on a drip tray, can get some liquid espresso on it without breaking, and can read accurately within half a gram. The Eureka Precision scale does all of this and more. It can quickly and accurately read within a tenth of a gram, has a convenient shot clock, and can fit on the drip tray of most espresso machines. You can even use it to zero out your portafilter and weigh your dry dose. It’s simple and easy to use. It weighs and times your shot. It can’t get any simpler than that.