Lelit Elizabeth Overview

Lelit Elizabeth Overview

We tend to hear it all while guiding folks through new home espresso options. Counter space is at a premium but you love to entertain and need a machine to keep up. Or maybe you’re looking for a new exciting upgrade but have price in mind too. Join us in watching the video below on the Lelit Elizabeth Espresso Machine.

The Lelit Elizabeth is a compact dual boiler, designed and manufactured in Italy. This machine carries a commercial-style standard 58mm saturated group head, vibratory pump as well as a sizeable built-in 2.5L reservoir. 

Sitting at 12” wide and 11” deep your workspace will have plenty of room for your machine, all of your favorite espresso accessories, and of course your grinder. At 15” in height, it’s sure to fit beneath most standard kitchen cabinets.

The Elizabeth pairs high tech features with a simple brushed stainless exterior for the most performance for the price. The LCD display, also known as the Lelit Control Center, includes PID temperature control as well as a built-in shot timer. Recurring cleaning reminders and the option to turn on and off your steam boiler can also be accessed from this digital control panel. 

On the front of the machine, you will find the single and double shot button which can be programmed independently for automatic brewing times and preset pre-infusion. Below, you will find the button to dispense hot water from the hot water dispenser which uses an impressive mixing valve. 

The mixing valve incorporates hot water from the steam boiler along with cool water from the reservoir for a nice and even controlled stream without unnecessary splashing. With the touch of a button, the water flows perfectly at the ideal temperature from the fixed hot water spigot next to the group head. 

If you’d like to brush up on your latte art or simply entertain family and friends, the Elizabeth can easily steam enough milk for an 8oz latte within 15 seconds. This machine is rated for an astounding 2 bars of steam pressure which is far beyond what we expect from a compact machine. The simple steam knob on the right-side panel will smoothly taper on and off your steam for optimal control.

In the accessory box, you will find an ergonomic dual spouted portafilter with a single and double basket as well as a blank backflushing disc for cleaning. Lelit also understands that water quality is key for maintaining a healthy machine long term and even included one of their own proprietary water filters to get started. 

Simply put, the Lelit Elizabeth is a delight to work with and offers the most versatility and control in its class. With intentional details and a clean simple aesthetic, this machine is an impressive value. Whether you’re a new home barista or a seasoned espresso enthusiast, the Elizabeth is an excellent option to craft cafe-quality drinks from the comfort of your own home.