Ratio Six Coffee Maker Overview

Ratio Six Coffee Maker Overview

The company behind our staff-favorite coffee maker has just come out with a new model in the form of the Ratio Six Coffee Maker. It carries plenty of the traits that give the Ratio Eight its continued popularity and brings a few subtle additions at a lower price point. Join Charles in the video below as he provides a brief overview of this machine.

Ratio’s goal from day one has been to build premium coffee makers that produce fantastic coffee while also looking great on your countertop. The Six carries on this tradition of form and function. Its all stainless steel exterior is available with either a satin finish or in a sleek matte black. A combination of clean cylindrical geometry and smooth curves gives it a sleek but understated look that no other coffee maker can match. The slimmed-down design makes the Six a couple inches narrower than the Eight allowing it to fit nicely in almost any kitchen.. 

In that smaller footprint, you’ll find more of the brilliant design that Ratio is known for. The entire machine is operated with just this capacitive touch button on the front. Pulsing backlit indicator lights show you the stage of the brewing process your coffee is in and when it’s ready to drink. The BPA-free reservoir has convenient water-level markings. Under its stainless steel shell are hidden lab-grade borosilicate glass tubes which are more resistant to absorbing or leeching flavor than the rubber tubing you’ll find on most other machines. Unlike many coffee makers out there, the Six is built to deliver water just over 200°F at a reliable flow rate, meeting the exacting standards of the SCA. You’ll also notice that the Six uses a standard Melitta basket filter as opposed to the Chemex filters used with the Eight. This makes for a slightly richer cup and a more forgiving brewing process that can handle variations in grind and roast while still delivering solid results. They’ve also included a couple more features to help ensure you get consistently delicious coffee.

First up is the heat shield. This small silicone gasket sits atop the coffee basket to create a seal between the basket and the shower screen. In doing so, it helps keep the effective brew temperature incredibly stable as well as resulting in hotter brewed coffee. Second, you get the included thermal carafe. Made of stainless steel inside and out and with a sealing lid, it’ll keep your coffee hot for hours after you’ve brewed it. For our fellow clean freaks out there, the opening is also large enough for you to fit your hand inside for easy cleaning.

One last brilliant touch Ratio has made is that the Six is compatible with the glass and thermal carafes for the Ratio Eight. This means if you’re a fan of the clean up you get with Chemex filters or the even richer cup you get with an Able Kone filter, you can take your pick.