A Few Tips to Brew a Better Pour Over

Fellow Stagg Kettle pour over with Acaia Pearl scale

Pour over -  the brew method for those with patience. In theory, the steps are pretty simple. Water is just pouring over coffee. Nevertheless, we know there’s always room for improvement. That said, we’ve compiled a shortlist of tips to help you brew a better pour over.

Pre-wet the filter

Hold it! Before adding coffee, take the time to pre-wet your filter. Pre-wetting the filter gets rid of any woody or bland taste that might linger from a paper filter. As a bonus, wetting the filter with hot water preps your dripper to stay nice and toasty. So how does that saying go? Two birds, one stone?

Make a well in the center of the coffee bed

Make something that looks like mashed potatoes and gravy - you know what we’re talking about. The idea is to make sure every spot is fully saturated. This small divot in the middle of the coffee bed allows more surface area for water to contact coffee. This small step improves overall extraction. #Science

Always brew with a scale

How many times can we say this? A scale is a necessity for just about every brew method. Using the right ratio of ground coffee to water automatically helps you brew better coffee. For 1-2 cups (or a carafe to share,) try our classic go-to recipe: 30g of ground coffee to 500g of water. 

If you’re in the market for a coffee scale, we’re big fans of the Acaia Pearl. It’s much more than just a pretty face. It’s built tough for cafe use and fool-proof for everyone else. The newest model of the Pearl comes with extra modes designed for any brewing scenario. From its dual display, auto-start timer, and a new Beverage Mode, there’s something for every coffee personality.

Aim to keep your pour rate consistent

An even and steady flow rate will nearly guarantee that you won’t miss a spot of grounds. We know how easy it is to rush first thing in the morning, but it’s important to slow your roll and enjoy the process. 

This brings us back to our scale that does it all - the Acaia Pearl. It’s the perfect tool to correct your pour speed. The Pearl sports a flow-rate indicator with a responsive dot display. This clever tool guides you, in real-time, to the ideal pour. If that sounds nerdy to you, you’re probably right. But hey, it works like a charm. 


Now, it’s time for you to go back to your pour-over dripper and give these tips a try! We won’t even ask for a cup in return. Check out this complete pour-over brew guide for an in depth walk through.