Bezzera Duo DE Espresso Machine Overview

Bezzera Duo DE Espresso Machine Overview

Bezzera has been producing high-end equipment since the early 1900s. They are one of the only manufacturers to both design and build espresso machines in-house. Based out of Milan, Bezzera brings a taste of Italy to the home with the Bezzera Duo DE espresso machine. Let’s check out what makes the Bezzera Duo DE an optimal machine for those looking for specialty coffee backed by tradition.

Similar to the Duo MN, the DE is a dual boiler, rotary pump espresso machine with dedicated PIDs, allowing users to control variables such as water temperature, pressure, pre-infusion, and an array of other features we’ll shortly unpack, all available through the touchscreen interface. 

Unique to the Duo DE are four programmable volumetric buttons. Whether you prefer a single, double, ristretto, or lungo shot, program the DE for any volume. Its internal flow meter regulates water flow for shot consistency. The fifth button, which displays the Bezzera logo, is a continuous or manual option for more controlled brewing. The Duo DE’s chrome-plated brass group head is special to Bezzera. It is one of the most temperature stable machines on the market. Unlike the E61 group on the Duo MN, the DE regulates temperature with an independent water heater maintained by a third PID thermostat.

The touchscreen displays boiler temperature and pressure adjustable in increments of two degrees. In this setting, you’ll also be able to turn boilers on or off, dictate priority, and in the brew setting, program pre-infusion for up to five seconds as well as engage a shot timer. The bar underneath the temperature lets you know when your machine is ready for use. Also on the home screen is a meter that displays the water level in the steam boiler. The Bezzera logo gives you access to more advanced settings such as maintenance and water reminders, programmable auto on and off times, backflush cycles, and display options. 

At 16 and a half inches tall, 12 inches wide, and ten and a half inches deep, the Bezzera Duo DE holds a dedicated 0.4L brew boiler, 1L steam boiler, as well as a large 4L water reservoir all inside its stainless steel housing that comes standard with rosewood accents. The machine can run off its included water tank or plumbed into a water line for convenience. It comes with a 20 amp plug, and requires a dedicated 20 amp circuit if you wish to use the feature allowing both boilers to heat simultaneously. Otherwise, program boiler priority in the settings and run off a 15 amp circuit with a converter cable. 

The Duo DE steam boiler gets up to 1.5 bars of pressure, making steaming milk quick and easy. Simultaneously pull shots of espresso using the volumetric settings which automatically turn off when it reaches your preset yield. With the most temperature stable group head, and programmable settings to simplify your morning routine, the Bezzera Duo DE espresso machine is top of its class. If you have any questions about the machine and whether or not it’s right for you, leave a comment or shoot us an email at