Bring Bezzera Home

Bezzera Duo DE espresso machine with Eureka LUCCA Atom 75 espresso grinder

Bezzera pioneered early espresso machine technology and advancement, patenting the steam-powered espresso machine in 1901, which revolutionized a new way to make coffee, laying the foundations for the many innovations that came after. Bezzera remains a key player in espresso, continuing its impressive build quality and performance tradition. We’re continuing our machine comparison series with a more dramatic comparison—the Bezzera BZ10 compact heat exchanger (HX) and the Bezzera Duo MN full-size dual-boiler to pinpoint the pros and cons of both respective machine categories.

Bezzera BZ10

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Bezzera BZ10 espresso machine with the Eureka Silenzio espresso grinder

The Bezzera BZ10, at its core, is one of our most simple and straightforward heat exchange machines. To quickly recap, a heat exchange machine operates on a singular large steam boiler, granting instant access to steam without waiting. You can pull shots and steam milk simultaneously; however, HX machines notably lack a dedicated brew boiler for brewing coffee, utilizing a heat exchanger—a tube inside the steam boiler that pulls fresh cool water from the reservoir and exchanges it through the boiler.

heat exchanger in action GIF

Check out more detailed information in our How to Choose a Heat Exchanger blog. Because there is no dedicated brew boiler, there is an indirect relationship between pressure and temperature; thus, you don’t have direct control over your brew temperatures. 

As a result, we recommend performing a cooling flush before you pull your first shots of the day or if your machine idles for hours between shots. The process is simple: you hit the brew switch to release some super-heated water for about 8-15 seconds, and you’re ready to rock. 

Bezzera BZ10 espresso machine with wood accents next to the Eureka Specialita espresso grinder in black.

Key features

  • Fast heat-up time—you’re ready to pull shots and steam milk within 10 minutes
  • Electronically heated group head—Bezzera’s proprietary group maintains excellent temperature stability and recovers quickly between shots
  • Simple operation—employs rocker switches to power the machine on/off and to brew coffee
  • Joystick operation for both milk steaming and hot water tap
  • Stainless steel mirrored finish and small footprint 
  • Vibratory pump operated

Full disclosure, the BZ10 is a staff favorite here at Clive HQ, mainly because it’s so easy to use and make cafè quality drinks with, but also because it fits in our apartments perfectly, letting us pair a killer grinder next to it. 

Bezzera Duo MN

Bezzera Duo MN espresso machine with the LUCCA Atom 75 espresso grinderThe Bezzera Duo MN is so unique that it occupies a special place in our dual-boiler lineup. Aesthetically, the Duo MN blends modern technology (touchscreen PID control) with the traditional perfectly (e61 group head). At first glance, the Duo MN looks the most Italian of the machines we stock, with its elegant drip tray grate, bezzled wide stainless steel side panels, and tall cup railing. Looking closer at the face of the machine and you can see a small touchscreen integrated flush with the unit. The PID gives you direct control over the machine’s dedicated brew boiler and steam boiler, displays the water level in the steam boiler, lets you program pre-infusion, and lets you program your machine on an on/off timer. 
Like the Bezzera BZ10, you can steam milk and pull shots simultaneously; however, the Duo MN’s steam boiler (1.05L) is smaller than the BZ10’s (1.5L), leaving less capacity for steam on the Duo MN. Not to worry, though, the Duo MN’s steam boiler does have a powerful heating element making recovery time speedy, so it can easily make back-to-back lattes. 

Another advantage of upgrading to a full-size dual-boiler like the Duo MN is that it operates with a rotary pump. The rotary pump is quiet, feels professional, and allows you to direct plumb your machine into a water source. The Duo MN allows you to plumb in or use the machine on its internal 4L reservoir. This professional quality and water versatility is often seen as “end-game” or “upgrade-proof”.

Bezzera Duo MN espresso machine with the Eureka Atom 75 espresso grinder in chrome.Key Features 

  • E61 group head
  • Touchscreen PID for temperature control and access to the machine menu 
  • Programmable pre-infusion 
  • Programmable on/off timer 
  • Optional LUCCA flow control add-on
  • Rotary pump—can plumb into a water source or used on a 4L reservoir 
  • Rosewood joysticks, brew lever, bottomless portafilter, and double-spouted portafilter come standard
  • It comes with a temporary plastic tamper, so you will need to upgrade right away
Many factors go into choosing an espresso machine, such as budget, footprint limitations, types of drinks you’d like to make, and overall aesthetics. Still, one of the most important factors is your desired user experience. The BZ10 is very simple. You do a cooling flush,  flip a switch to start and stop your shot and flip a joystick to steam milk. No frills, just great espresso. The Duo MN offers much more control and precision over your shot temperature and variables, such as flow control and pre-infusion. Some folks will say that dual-boilers are more complicated because of the features and have a higher learning curve. Some folks will say that these features facilitate honing your coffee skills faster. Whatever your choice, both machines will be able to make you excellent espresso for many years to come.