Clive Coffee Holiday Cocktails

Clive Coffee Holiday Cocktails

Maybe we were feeling festive, or maybe we knew you'd need a little more than just caffeine to get through the holidays. Whatever the occasion or celebration, enjoy these five-holiday coffee cocktails curated to spark the Christmas spirit and guaranteed to ease you into the holidays. A great nightcap by the fire, or pair with breakfast — we aren't judging. For convenience, download these recipes in one printable PDF.

Adult Peppermint Mocha

Simple & sweet. Our Adult Peppermint Mocha goes down easy with lots of chocolate and a dash of peppermint Schnapps. 

Adult peppermint mocha recipe card

Salted Caramel Apple Brandy Latte

We've heard a lot about this apple crisp drink at St*rbucks... If you're like us and enjoy those seasonal beverages but wouldn't be caught dead waiting in line for one, this one's for you.  

 Spiced Gingerbread Cortado

This one is our personal favorite, a nice balance of espresso and liquor, minty and sweet, with a touch of holiday cheer (gingerbread syrup). 

Spiked Eggnog Latte

We know what you're thinking but trust us, it's delicious. 

The Clive Carajillo

This one is for Scrooge, we mean, the purist. Not feeling as festive or sweet? This drink is sure to make you say "Bah-humbug" but it's okay, spoiler alert, Scrooge comes around.